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As a representative of Nassau County/ Town of Hempstead it is imperative that your administration be made aware of the implementation of the extra cost of security by the Baldwin Union Free School District to the Baldwin PAL. Therefore as a community member we ask that your administration try to help resolve this extra cost with possible Federal or State or County assistance. The Baldwin PAL cannot continue to exist without your support.

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Dear PAL Community,


It is important we all stay healthy during this unprecedented time.  As new developments on Covid-19 arise each day, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our participants and volunteers to the Coronavirus.

Things are changing rapidly, and we are doing our best to stay in the know with the CDC, State and Local Government protocols.  As you know schools are closed through the rest of 2020, and most of PAL programs are run at the school facilities, it seems based on the facts and information we have currently, following the recommended protocol and best practice set forth by the CDC, we have no choice but to cancel all of the spring programs.

In the meantime, individual PAL Units will begin the process to contact participants and inform them of the individual programs that are canceled within the Unit.  The Unit boards are working to create and finalize a refund policy for all participants.  In that policy some programs may need to hold back a certain portion of everyone’s registration to cover costs that the league incurred prior to COVID-19 crisis such as personalized uniform fees.  Please bear with them as the process will take a few days depending on the size of the program and Unit.  Some Units have over 2000 participants for their spring programs and as we all are practicing social distancing Units have limited access to voicemails.  If you find you were not contacted regarding your refund, email follow-up is recommended.

Thank you so much for all your support and again, we appreciate your patience as this may take a little time to complete.  These are certainly unprecedented times.

Please stay safe.

NCPAL Executive Board